31 October 2008

Happy 40th Posting

Sebagai menandakan aku berjaya buat posting ke 40 dalam masa sebulan, aku tertarik nak tepek satu news yang aku amik dari paper The Star

Honey, did I win RM20mil?


PETALING JAYA: Instead of hugging each other with joy, a couple slapped each other after the husband found out that he had won a RM20mil lottery jackpot.

They slapped themselves to make sure they were not dreaming as they could not believe he had won, especially after the wife retorted: “You must be joking and in your dreams!”

The winner found out that he had won the Mega Toto 6/52 Toto with his set of numbers – 17, 19, 20, 32, 39 and 41 – after checking the results in a Chinese daily.

The man, in his 40s who is involved in the food business, simply could not believe it and kept on checking the results repeatedly before breaking the news to his wife.

According to a statement issued by Toto, the winner has been trying his luck over the past decade.

His set of numbers was inspired by the trend of previous winning numbers he had been diligently observing. He had been spending about RM50 on a range of self-picked numbers which he repeatedly bought.

On how he would spend the windfall, the man said he would give half of his winnings to his wife and “buy a bigger car”.

The wife said they would settle all their outstanding financial obligations and do their best to help out family members and relatives who were less well-off before donating to charitable bodies.

“I will now pamper myself and loved ones with luxurious overseas holidays.

“I can’t wait to sign up for a Europe tour because I have not been to that part of the world,” she said.

*** 20 Juta tu. Baru jer aku berangan nak dapat duit senang semalam ... tapi orang lain lak yang dapat. Mungkin kalo aku berangan lebih giat laie, mesti aku lak leh dapat duit lebih banyak dari tu kan?

Sila bagi satu flying kick untuk aku yang tah pepe nih. Tahniah kerana berjaya tepek post yang kadarnya sama ngan posting untuk setaun lebey kat blog aku yang lain. Syabas! ***

Kalo korang la kan ... apa jer korang nak buat ngan duit 20 juta tu?


  1. kalau akulah, aku beli emas sikit. pastu mengeram.

  2. kalau aku dapat....
    no. aku nk beli umah...

  3. 20 juta ... tetiba cam tak tau pulak nak buat apa ngan duit sebanyak tu


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