30 June 2006

Wedding Photos :: The Studio Edition

Hi guys. It's friday again. Today I feel bored and again...lonely. Yeah, my hubby is not here. My 2 best friends (Munira Muin - getting married tomorow and soon will be leaving for KL and Kak Lin - starting her own business in Subang) had quit their jobs. So, then again I'll be left alone. Well, since I'm not doing anything (liar - I got 2 assignments and 2 quizes to submit this Sunday!!!) I'm taking my own sweet time to edit my studio wedding pictures. Have a look at these pictures cuz in real life I'm getting fatter by the seconds! Hahaha...pity me.

02 June 2006

Kluang Man :: The Pictures

Kluang Man :: The Prologue

Argh...today is Friday! I don't know wheter I'm supposed to be happy or bored. Happy cuz it's the last day of my bosan like hell working days or being bored spending another hour in the office till petang! Ergh...if you had being bored and force yourself doing it...really gonna have the effects on your health (I had this back ache like since I'd worked here for the past 2 years! D A M N !)

Well, yesterday I followed my hubby to Kluang, Johor to report to his new school. Reached there around 8.45 am. The night before we spent the night in my aunt's house in Batu Pahat. From Ayer Hitam to Kluang, you can find Dragon Fruits being planted everywhere along the road. But one thing peculiar and quite weird for me is this sight...check out the pics below

I couldn't figure out why this guy is driving this skeleton thingy. Aku pun tak tau nak panggil menatang ni apa! One thing for sure, he does realise that I had been clicking my lense to snap the moments! Hehehe...cute la you pakcik.

So, after spinning around we had finally reach Kluang. Not a very lively town but kinda OK environment. Kluang is famous with its Railway ToastMaster's Roti Bakar! Definitely gonna check that out after the reporting thing. Sooo...we had reached the school. There's another 2 schools located to next of each other right at a very strategically named road ~ 'Jalan Sekolah Menengah'. I didn't spent so much time to take pictures.
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