02 August 2006

All In ~ Original Soundtrack Video Clip

My mom got to thank me for all the trouble she had cost me for searching this All In Korean drama OST. This song title is I'll Be Fine by Yarz. Happy watching!

Like The First Day

This is my mom's favourite song from a Korean drama played on NTV7 recently and just finished viewing last week. The title is All In. This song is by Park Yong Ha which is a famous lad because of other theme songs for all hits Korean drama. Will talk about that much more later but for now, please enjoy this video clip!

03 July 2006

My Best Friend's Wedding

This is my dearest friend in Seri Negeri, Munira Ab. Muin. She looked very lovely on her wedding day. This is her during her wedding reception at Ancasa Hotel, MITC for her husband side.

She wore grey lace gown and a very long veil that makes her just perfect for her wedding. My dear, we all really gonna miss you so much! Especially me ~ she used to be my shoulder to cry on whenever I felt bound up and stressed up! Just looking at her makes your problems fly away.

To Miera, I wish you all the best in your life and don't forget us in Melaka. Visit me sometimes ok!

My Cousin's Wedding

This is my cousin Rina with her hubby Sulaiman (Leman) after the majlis akad nikah on Friday night after solat Isya'. I came late with my family cuz my dad's Odessy had problems last minutes we about to take off to Batu Pahat. So, I can't see the nikah ceremony that night. But, as far as I know, all the neighbours were there.

While watching the game, Germany vs. Agentina, we fatten ourselves with the half melted Secret Recipe's - Chocolate Indulgence. Yummy but have a very drugging effect cuz everyone seems to be sleepy after eating that cake. I thought maybe Leman just want to drug my cousin but end up drugging the whole family. Hahaha it's midnite already...sure letih one *wink* *wink*

This is the dias or pelamin. Sitting in front of the dias is my aunt - Makcik Milah. This is me with my cousin - Ain Nur Syahirah. She's one of my favourite cuz she likes to laugh at my stupid jokes. Kinda miss her lately cuz now she's working in JB as a bank clerk.

This is the bride, Rina Hj. Mokri with her lovely cousin ~ me! Hehehe...I looked like a chinese while she looked like a doll with the falsies...really accentuates her eyes. Isn't she lovely with the *bling* *bling* around her neck and the tiara? I'm just pretty in pink.

Triple loop wedding cake exclusively brought to you by Noy's Cake House and Cafe. And oh...that's my hubby being all noble and ringan tulang by making sure the juice is flowing. The cap is given to all the men who became the penanggah.

The bride is anxiously waiting for the groom. It's so hot luckily my uncle had install the wall fan way before the wedding being planned. Right about 2.40pm the groom arrived accompanied by his family members. The bunga manggar bearer was Uki, my brother and Wan, my cousin. Windy day I can say...

30 June 2006

Wedding Photos :: The Studio Edition

Hi guys. It's friday again. Today I feel bored and again...lonely. Yeah, my hubby is not here. My 2 best friends (Munira Muin - getting married tomorow and soon will be leaving for KL and Kak Lin - starting her own business in Subang) had quit their jobs. So, then again I'll be left alone. Well, since I'm not doing anything (liar - I got 2 assignments and 2 quizes to submit this Sunday!!!) I'm taking my own sweet time to edit my studio wedding pictures. Have a look at these pictures cuz in real life I'm getting fatter by the seconds! Hahaha...pity me.

02 June 2006

Kluang Man :: The Pictures

Kluang Man :: The Prologue

Argh...today is Friday! I don't know wheter I'm supposed to be happy or bored. Happy cuz it's the last day of my bosan like hell working days or being bored spending another hour in the office till petang! Ergh...if you had being bored and force yourself doing it...really gonna have the effects on your health (I had this back ache like since I'd worked here for the past 2 years! D A M N !)

Well, yesterday I followed my hubby to Kluang, Johor to report to his new school. Reached there around 8.45 am. The night before we spent the night in my aunt's house in Batu Pahat. From Ayer Hitam to Kluang, you can find Dragon Fruits being planted everywhere along the road. But one thing peculiar and quite weird for me is this sight...check out the pics below

I couldn't figure out why this guy is driving this skeleton thingy. Aku pun tak tau nak panggil menatang ni apa! One thing for sure, he does realise that I had been clicking my lense to snap the moments! Hehehe...cute la you pakcik.

So, after spinning around we had finally reach Kluang. Not a very lively town but kinda OK environment. Kluang is famous with its Railway ToastMaster's Roti Bakar! Definitely gonna check that out after the reporting thing. Sooo...we had reached the school. There's another 2 schools located to next of each other right at a very strategically named road ~ 'Jalan Sekolah Menengah'. I didn't spent so much time to take pictures.

30 May 2006

For My Hubby

Finally the end has come to me. Not an end actually but more of traumatize incident. Last friday, yeah the day I posted the new blog, my hubby had received his posting letter. He's a graduate (just) teacher from UiTM and telah berjaya dihantar ke Kluang oleh Kementerian Pelajaran. He had to report to the new school which is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Aris Bendahara in Batu 3, Jalan Mersing, Kluang Johor this 1st June (Thursday)! Adeh...tension gue!

Like he said to me the other day "Hai...inai kat jari ni pun belum habis. Dah nak kena posting jauh²..." sigh. The other week he had to spend a night in Shah Alam to settle his thesis for final year. He went beserk and kept calling me 10 minutes apart. When I went to sleep that night, it felt awkward coz i've used to have somebody's snoring beside me. And of course he couldn't sleep until 4.30 am that morning.

How marriage can totally change one's life and how you wish to accept the changes. It's all up to you. For my dear hubby...I love you so much! Cepat² la pindah sini...!

26 May 2006

A Long Break

It's been so long since I had written anything in this blog. Well, I've deleted my old blog. Thought might want to start a new chapter of my blogging days.

Since I got married exactly 2 months yesterday (got married on 25th March 2006 btw) nothing much happened except that my room which I lived now with hubby had been a hazard and almost unfit biologically to lived into. Hahaha, had been a disaster coz of my overloaded garments and stuff!

I'll give an update later but for the time being this is the newest picture of my hubby & I in the car while waiting for my mom. Somebody said that I look thinner? Am I?
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