20 February 2009

:: Contest Yang Cool ::

No kidding. And that’s not it as there are other cool prizes you can win such as a Macbook White, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffles, a Canon 450D DSLR for the participant who send his or her postcard to the most number of recipients along with 100 Tees for the early participants!

Participating is relatively simple. Check if you have all the things needed in the image above and here’s 5 steps on how you can participate in this contest.

Step 1
Snap a photograph of yourself alone or with a friend reading a book or using a laptop in an ideal, interesting or outrageous learning environment of personal choice. This will be the base of your postcard.

Step 2
Visit the contest site at http://contest.wou.edu.my/ and click on the ‘Play’ tab. Click on the Stamps in the middle to download them. Using any image editing software, digitally paste the stamps onto your postcard.

Step 3
Digitally caption your photograph with no more than 10 words, relating to the theme, “Your World, Your Classroom.” The Contest allows only the use of English and Bahasa Melayu for captions.

Step 4
Post your postcard in either a blog entry or a social networking profile (Friendster, Facebook, Myspace or others).

Step 5
Post your postcard to your friends by visiting http://contest.wou.edu.my/ and clicking the ‘Submit’ tab. Fill in all your particulars, upload your postcard and email addresses of your friends who you’d like to receive your postcard in the page and click ‘Submit’.

There, 5 simple steps to win a Macbook Air. Aren’t you thrilled?

Here’s an example of a postcard ready to be sent to a friend;

For more information about Post A Postcard Contest, check out http://contest.wou.edu.my/

Oh! Aku sangat malas
Hanya copy paste dari nuffnang ajer

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