18 November 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out

I grew up in a big family of 8 siblings: 4 girls + 4 boys. It's not an easy task for our parents to handle us hooligans. Nonetheless, they had done a wonderful and I believe an astounding job raising us all to became what we all are now

Ever since I'm small, living with my family is like a family day - everyday. We always had something to do together - making up mess, made the maid cried, even made our mom cried, made each other cried but most importantly is having the blast of it all, regardless how many slashing of 'rotan' we get on the palm

As the result, we are very close to each other and we can agree on a matter without arguments (oooh ok, just a little bit lah)

But as we grew older (and sure enough to be wiser) we had gone separate ways. There's one working overseas, others are near but don't see each other a lot, some got married and you got your own thing to do and so much more excuses

Sometimes I feel like going back to the old days when we are much younger and naive and homework was 'kacang putih' ... can do cincai² one and dash off to the playground playing every kind of games

Still, we came out good and scores in life

Today's kids I don't think they can enjoy their young life as we can back then. There is no more 'semak' you can hide from the enemy while playing combat. There is no more 'parit' you can pretend as river and catching 'longkang' fish

And becoming parents of today are more stressful than our parents' time. No time to watch the kids grow up ... all busy working to survive in the big city

Kids had become more stress - giant heap of homework, peer pressure, no time for themselves, parents want children to excel more they can achieve and such

As for that, it is important for today we take the time off from our busy schedule and start spending time - quality if you can't have the quantity - with the family. Especially with the children :: no matter how big or small your children are ::

Family Day Out with Friso is another way to spend quality time with your children. It is an opportune time to bond and rekindle lost moments of love for your family. Even if it is not lost, yet, a day spent with the family is a worth than a lifetime being regret for not being able to know what a great family we all had

Do it today ... spend a day of your lousy day at work with your family ... you make your family happy and at the same time you don't have to fret about your work ... at least a day lah. The win-win situation - happy family - work stress free for a day

So, don't miss out. Check out the event as above and have a wonderful time!


  1. ada orang kawen la cik puan. ribuan maaf dipinta. huhu

  2. takpelah ... aku mungkin tak pegi jugak kot ... jiran depan umah buat kenduri kawen anak dia ... takkan aku nak tuang lak kan?

    kita family day sendiri kat umah je lah nanti yer ... lepas aku beranak


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