16 November 2009

:: Baby Gone Wild ::

Malliq Rayyan’s First Encounter With Mother Nature … that’s why he’s in his birthday suite!

IMG_0159 (2) edited

Unplanned trip last Sunday to the Asahan Waterfall. This used to be a water dam but since Melaka’s water dam had been shifted to Durian Tunggal … this river was abandoned. Lots of flies, I don’t know why. Malliq is having his McD porridge breakfast whilst his feet ‘geli²’ to touch the water

If you want to bring your family for picnic … this is not a suitable place coz no facilities available at hand. No toilets, no dustbins – just you, the river and lots of big stones I tell ya. Pretty scary if you tend to be a clumsy person. The road is very slippery. I had almost tumble twice while carrying Malliq

But, escaping from the ‘hiruk-pikuk’ of your life seems worth … even just for a mere 20 minutes there. Yups, we stayed there just about 20 minutes … like I’d told ya, we didn’t plan to have a picnic. And I really gotta pee!

Hehehe …


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