03 July 2006

My Cousin's Wedding

This is my cousin Rina with her hubby Sulaiman (Leman) after the majlis akad nikah on Friday night after solat Isya'. I came late with my family cuz my dad's Odessy had problems last minutes we about to take off to Batu Pahat. So, I can't see the nikah ceremony that night. But, as far as I know, all the neighbours were there.

While watching the game, Germany vs. Agentina, we fatten ourselves with the half melted Secret Recipe's - Chocolate Indulgence. Yummy but have a very drugging effect cuz everyone seems to be sleepy after eating that cake. I thought maybe Leman just want to drug my cousin but end up drugging the whole family. Hahaha it's midnite already...sure letih one *wink* *wink*

This is the dias or pelamin. Sitting in front of the dias is my aunt - Makcik Milah. This is me with my cousin - Ain Nur Syahirah. She's one of my favourite cuz she likes to laugh at my stupid jokes. Kinda miss her lately cuz now she's working in JB as a bank clerk.

This is the bride, Rina Hj. Mokri with her lovely cousin ~ me! Hehehe...I looked like a chinese while she looked like a doll with the falsies...really accentuates her eyes. Isn't she lovely with the *bling* *bling* around her neck and the tiara? I'm just pretty in pink.

Triple loop wedding cake exclusively brought to you by Noy's Cake House and Cafe. And oh...that's my hubby being all noble and ringan tulang by making sure the juice is flowing. The cap is given to all the men who became the penanggah.

The bride is anxiously waiting for the groom. It's so hot luckily my uncle had install the wall fan way before the wedding being planned. Right about 2.40pm the groom arrived accompanied by his family members. The bunga manggar bearer was Uki, my brother and Wan, my cousin. Windy day I can say...

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