30 June 2006

Wedding Photos :: The Studio Edition

Hi guys. It's friday again. Today I feel bored and again...lonely. Yeah, my hubby is not here. My 2 best friends (Munira Muin - getting married tomorow and soon will be leaving for KL and Kak Lin - starting her own business in Subang) had quit their jobs. So, then again I'll be left alone. Well, since I'm not doing anything (liar - I got 2 assignments and 2 quizes to submit this Sunday!!!) I'm taking my own sweet time to edit my studio wedding pictures. Have a look at these pictures cuz in real life I'm getting fatter by the seconds! Hahaha...pity me.


  1. hAI cIK mUNZ..ur wedding pic cantiklah..I am sorry that I cudn't make it to ur wedding..errrmm..ko jemput aku ke ek haritu?..hehehehe... congratulations tau..
    p/s entahler ko ingat tak aku yg mana satu ntah

  2. munz..

    love your wedding pix...how long were you in the studio? mase i kawen pun amik gambar posing sampai sakit2 badan..maklumlah nak kasi badan nampak kurus terpaksa la control certain body parts...
    anyways..any sign of third person yet? send my regards to ur hubby..hope you two will have a blessed marriage life together!!!!

    -che puter-

  3. Moon...cantiknye kau dlm gambar tue...totally different..sorrylah aku tak dtg masa kau kawen..aku masa tue mmg dah janji nak pergi dgn along but then aku ada emergency sikit..sorry banyak2 kay..Hope kau bahagia ke anak cucu & cicit... :)



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